MOMBEMetal-Organic Molecular Beam Epitaxy
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With compelling essays by Laurenti Magesa, Elias Omonodi Opongo, Anne Arabome, David Kaulem, Peter Knox, Yvon Elenga, Anthony Egan, Teresa Okure, Nathanael Yaovi Soede, Paulinus Odozor, Paterne Mombe, Peter Henriot, and Odomaro Muganbizi, among others, any reader can see that, like their colleagues around the world, these theological ethicists have set an agenda as urgent and as concrete as ever.
So mombe yemukaka is an asset to its owner because it adds to the herd through calving as well as providing the nutritious milk.
The proverb; Mombe yomupfuuri haipedzi bundo (the passer-by's beast does not finish all the pastures), testifies love to strangers.
Under his direction, pseudomorphic InGaAs HEMT material technology and metal-organic molecular beam epitaxy (MOMBE) were established at GE.
Instead of saying "mombe dzangu" (my cattle) or "nzungu dzandakohwa" (the groundnuts that I harvested), one would say zvimombe zvangu or tunzungu twandakohwa no matter how big or many they are just to avoid being boastful of one's achievements.
The second riddle in this section goes: Mombe dzababa vangu chenachena dzega dzega (My father's cattle are exclusively white in colour)