MOMCMother of My Children
MOMCMint On Mint Card
MOMCMothers of Multiples Club (various locations)
MOMCMichigan/Ontario Muskie Club
MOMCMemory Order Machine Clear (computer processor event; Intel)
MOMCMyeloid Origin Mononuclear Cell (biology)
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SV Covert 3.DAT.SG 'That pleases me.' activated by -i- DAT INFL INFIX of DAT/ABS AUX za-i-t under PLRPC GEO Ale momc 'ons is OVS me PRON.1.DAT.SG surati.
Second, if they had to make controlled shots, they couldn't shoot Minute-Of-Manhole-Cover (MOMC).
This Specification establishes the minimum requirements for the procurement and commissioning of two (2) electric steam boilers at the Marcy Operations and Maintenance Center (MOMC) building located at the Clark Energy Center in Marcy, New York.