MOMLMaking of Modern Law (law school text)
MOMLMoslem Meal
MOMLMedia Object Markup Language
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The difference between the Mom5 and Moml groups is the stock price momentum effect for each [Star.sup.F] group.
This month sees the publication of a MOML Spurs and MOML Stoke.
[Figure 6 omitted] Figure 3 An Example of Level 2Y, Category B ARG ham ARGCD hamster BPJT butter BPJTPRGCD butterfly PeKIS berry SHPAgR strawberry PASAHgcD melon RECAKgORNe watermelon Figure 4 An Example of Level 2Y, Category C Haoottf ham Haoottffooaff hamster Butn butter Butnttffs butterfly Brattffoool berry Hooanff strawberry Moml melon Wonoomoml watermelon Table 1 The Two Groups' Frequency and Percentages of Writing Levels Demonstrated in Each Interview Sept.