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MOMMAMetropolitan Museum of Modern Art
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With strategic partners like Momma Lynn we will continue to grow their brand as a national powerhouse.
Night after night Mother's Poppa and Momma struggled with overwhelming consequences, much as did the entire nation.
Momma didn't exactly seem like she was in the answering mood so I kept it short.
We are excited to bring mOmma technology, innovation and design to parents and babies in the United States," says Michelle McLaughlin, senior vice president of sales for Lansinoh Laboratories.
Malcolm Turner/ Big Momma Martin Lawrence Trent/Charmaine Brandon T.
Naturally he falls for fellow student Haley (Lucas) while Big Momma is chatted up by a caretaker.
Undercover: Brandon T Jackson as Trent/Charmaine and Martin Lawrence as Malcolm/Big Momma.
When Trent gatecrashes an undercover police operation and witnesses gangster Chirkoff (Tony Curran) murder an informant, Malcolm decides to hide Trent at Georgia Girls' School for the Arts by posing as Big Momma and her great niece Charmaine.
FBI agent Martin Turner (Lawrence) digs out his fat suit to go undercover as his alter-ego Big Momma, this time taking his stepson (Jackson) along as hefty co-ed Charmaine.
In this comedy sequel to Big Mommas House 1 & 2 we catch up with FBI agent Malcolm Turner (Martin Lawrence) AKA Big Momma as he again dons his blonde wig and red floral muumuu in order to covertly investigate a murder and bring down the bad guys.
Mona de Momma rallied from next-to-last to win the $100,000 Las Flores Handicap by a neck at Santa Anita, giving jockey Joel Rosario his third win on the card.
Momma said that the export-led recovery has failed to encourage spending at home.