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MOMOMusic of Moroccan Origin (band; London, England, UK)
MOMOMultiple Observative Mimetic Organicus (gaming, Xenosaga series)
MOMOMuseum of Modern Oddities (Australia)
MOMOMolecules of Mesons Online
MOMOMaximum Overlap Molecular Orbital
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Momos of different taste, flavours and dimensions from different parts of Guwahati city and from the neighboring states of Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Meghalaya, Bhutan, Darjeeling were at display.
I am a momo lover so I am very excited and exploring and tasting all kind momos of different taste.
Carefully remove momos with tongs, and serve with dipping sauce such as soy sauce or tomato salsa, which is similar to a traditional Nepali dip.
The momos there are so delicious that they are consumed almost as soon as they are prepared
JULIA MOSKIN NYT SYNDICATE WHEN Chime Doma and her three sisters were growing up, making sha momos -- juicy beef dumplings that are an obsession among Tibetans -- was a big, much-anticipated project.
At one of them we discovered Chicken Tandoori Momos
We are very pleased to announce that Standard Chartered Private Equity has become MoMos strategic investor.
The assorted blend included specialties like steaming momos from Sikkim, mouth watering Kacche Ghost ki Biryani from Hyderabad, the spicy Kombdi cha Rassa from Maharashtra and the rich and aromatic Kashmiri pulao.