MOMPMitochondrial Outer Membrane Permeabilization
MOMPMajor Outer Membrane Protein
MOMPMid-Ocean Meeting Point
MOMPMaine Organic Milk Producers (Charleston, ME)
MOMPMiddle Oregon Metal Punk
MOMPMassachusetts Ocean Management Plan (Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs)
MOMPMinister of Multihull Propaganda
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Carter et al 1991 UK Computer taxonomic study, using the nucleotide and inferred amino acid sequence of the MOMP of C.
Compared with algorithms based on single measurement vector, MFOCUSS and MOMP, the proposed method could achieve better performance with only one snapshot, especially suitable for the seriously heterogeneous clutter environment which is difficult for catching independent and identically distributed (IID) training samples.
But then high autophagy allows the cell to encapsulate and "digest" these released proteins before MOMP can keep the cell well and truly dead.
The MOMP is the principle surface protein component and is abundant in both infectious elementary bodies and intracellular reticular bodies (Debattista 2003).
For PCR testing, a pair of proprietary oligonucleotide primers derived from the highly conserved regions of the published ompl sequences for the MOMP (major outer membrane protein) gene of Cpsittaci were used.
Thus, rVCG vector-based subunit vaccines expressing the chlamydial major outer membrane protein, MOMP alone (rVCG-MOMP) or genetically fused to CTA2B (rVCG-M0MP/CTA2B) were constructed and evaluated in a mouse model of genital infection.
With the presence of a glycosylated MOMP, the CT is likely to avoid detection by the PMNL when they are present outside cells as they will be recognized as part of the hyaluronic acid in the intracellular filler found between cells.
Like HSP60, MOMP is abundant on the bacterium's outer surface.
And in order to detect MOMP alterations, JC-1 staining was performed with flow cytometry.
In order to further decrease the requirement of computational cost, an MOMP algorithm has been proposed to further decrease the computational complexity of OMP by limiting redundant correlation calculation [14,15].
Os testes de fluorescencia sao baseados nos antigenos MOMP e LPS da membrana da bacteria e tem as mesmas vantagens e desvantagens citadas anteriormente (SACHSE et al.
Thus, ROS can mediate the activation of cytoplasmic Bax, which insert on the outer mitochondria membrane, and onset MOMP (Malik et al.