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MONARCModels of Networked Analysis at Regional Centres
MONARCModels of Networked Analysis at Regional Centres (Large Hadron Collider experiments)
MONARCMaster Office Network Adaptive Real-Time Control
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monARC's multi-disciplinary team of drug developers and technology experts have built disease-specific patient network applications and online tools that prequalify and engage patients during protocol development prior to study initiation.
Single-incision "mini-slings," such as the Miniarc and the Monarc transobturator sling, may become more important surgical options for a subset of patients with SUI
Prospective randomized comparison of transobturatorsuburethral sling (Monarc) vs suprapubic arc (Sparc) sling procedures for female urodynamic stress incontinence.
Therefore, the MUS products that will be utilized in the TOMUS trial are limited to the TVT in the retropubic group and either the TVT-O or the Monarc in the transobturator group. The ATLAS project; index_more.html MONARC MONARC Open Science Grid Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation UltraLight
Third, there is the duty of advising the Government and the Monarc h on spiritual matters.
The committee was not satisfied that Fairy Monarc had improved his placing in respect of the interference with Salute.
The Queen was more concerned about retrieving any royal jewels Princess Diana might have had with her the day she died than consoling her family, according to a book released last night in Los Angeles that paints a scathing portrait of the British monarc h.
Like BAE Systems, Rheinmetall produces a range of naval barrelled weapons including the S20 Pintle Mount, 20 mm Mk 20 DM5, 25 mm MLG 25, 30 mm MLG 30, 30 mm Mk 30-1/2, Millenium 35 mm and the 155 mm Monarc concept demonstrator (a naval adaptation of the PzH 2000 howitzer turret).
For the transobturator approach, the Monarc Subfascial Hammock (American Medical Systems) was used.