MONCONMonitoring and Control
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The quality of this book can be assessed by the fact that many of the articles will become obligatory reading for those working on the texts with which they are concerned, for example, Dumanoir's edition and study of the "Romance de Moncon." The contributors lead major digital humanities projects and are authors of seminal works in the field, including Giuseppe Di Stefano, Dorothy Severin, and Josep Lluis Martos.
(33) Obligacion de canbio de Cristoval de Moncon, fiadores [...] de las dichas mili doblas [...] Juan Rodriguez de Baeca e [...] Juan Alonso de Roa, trapero, su suegro" (Id., 130, p.
(Sevilla: 1539); and Oliveira, Svmmario..., quoted in Lemos, I, 155-59; and an excerpt from Francisco Moncon, El principe christiano (1544), Archivos de Historia da Medicina Portuguesa (1894), IV, 20-26.