MONNYMensa of Northeastern New York
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But I'd liefer you'd hearn the truth concernin myseln, fro my lips than fro onny other man's, though I never cud'n speak afore so monny, wi'out bein moydert and muddled.'
'Monny's the pleasant word as soom heer has spok'n wi' me; monny's the face I see heer, as I first seen when I were yoong and lighter heart'n than now.
Bishopriggs, with his one eye raised devotionally to the sky, "and ye sall find it again after monny days!
(Source: Monny Sklov, Towers Perrin, San Francisco, Calif.)
Commune police chief Lot Monny said the daughters and the nephew were sent to Preah Netr Preah Referral Hospital and their health had improved after they received medical treatment.
"They gooa on as monny as three or four a yeear, tha knows, an' Alice sez they're varry good value".
Heat 2: 1 Seskin Monny, 2 Spring Trick, 3 Ace Honcho, 4 Burnpark Supreme, 5 Cooly Cheetah, 6 Borna Whisper (m)
ON THE MONNY! Michael Monaghan scores for Warrington but Hock (below) is in trouble
MONNY AITKEN: Words can't describe how shocked I am.
Ah put mi Sunday paper daan an' sed Ah'd nooaticed ther din't seeam ter be ser monny theear at th' anniversary.
Feature at Nottingham is the reappearance of veteran National Sprint winner Nervous Paddy, who will be very hard to beat in the 9.52pm over 300m, while Seskin Monny makes most appeal on the Henlow card.
"Ah've nooa idea wheear they gate ther tickets throo, an' Jooa'll nooan tell me naah, even though it's monny a yeear since."