MONPMinistry of Nature Protection (Armenia and Turkmenistan)
MONPMinistry of National Planning
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Idade (anos) Grupo Coleta Sistema de cultivo (Exp.) Plantio de dados (tratamentos) A 0 3 Agroflorestal Monocultivo B 1 4 Agroflorestal Consorcio C 2 5 Agroflorestal Consorcio Especies Grupo (Exp.) Notacao Florestal Agricola A SAFpc parica curaua MONp parica - B SAFpfc parica, freijo curaua CONpf parica, freijo - C SAFpmfc parica, mogno, freijo curaua CONpmf parica, mogno, freijo - Em que: 0-indica plantio inicial onde o parica foi plantado juntamente com o curaua; 1 e 2--idade do plantio florestal em que foi introduzido o curaua entre as especies.
pe percentage range of attendance for oper monps of pe year ranged from 53% to 64%.
Author Sarnoski organizational limitation science Roodal and man regulator of information process in management (2009) Staford Bear useful science of organization (Roodan, monp 2009) Norbert winer the science of control and communication in machine and animal (Neehanski 2010) With comparison of the given definitions in table (1-2) it could be inferred that conscious management and leadership very intricate systems, communications, monitoring and control makes the central part of cybernetic Monitoring and control (there most at and feedback rings) cybernetic systems are on the basis of the feedback rings control [9] and only reacts kinetic that is sensitive.
Monp. from seeds send in 1804 by Sesse from Mexico (holotipo MPUDC; isotipo US).