MONREMinistry of Natural Resources and Environment (Vietnam, Thailand)
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Program management and stakeholder engagement facilitation Comments (optional) This component will support MONRE to guide the implementation of the proposed activities and other MBI - related activities in Vietnam.
Objectives: The capacity of MONRE to coordinate and advise the development and implementation of NAMAs and MRV in Vietnam and funding from national and international public and private financial resources is improved
1 Establishment of institutional arrangements for NAMAs within MONRE to coordinate and advise on the development and implementation of NAMAs; .
Other project stakeholders will include government agencies including, among others, MONRE, MOIT, MARD and Customs, and, the public who will benefit from more energy efficient, environmentally-friendly residential AC.
He will take on this position in MONREs Department of Legal and Administration from April 2016, making him the first Australian to take on such a position in Vietnam.