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MONSMeasuring Oscillations in Nearby Stars
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The mons pubis serves several functions," he added, noting, "For a start, it covers the pubic bone and acts like a tiny bouncy cushion which helps to protect the bone beneath from being uncomfortably bumped and knocked during intercourse or general life.
According to the researchers, volcanic activity in Arsia Mons last took place 50 million years ago - roughly around the time the last dinosaurs went extinct on Earth.
While 210,000,000 years ago might not sound terribly recent, the Arsia Mons site is much younger than the habitable environments turned up by Curiosity and other Mars rovers.
Scientists are beginning to identify other features on Ceres that could be similar in nature to Ahuna Mons, but none is as tall and well-defined as this mountain.
Continua en el Campanario de Mons, una tome de 87 metros, desde la que disfrutar de una bonita perspectiva de la ciudad.
MONS Meg, made in Mons, Belgium, is one of three guns built in 1449 - of the others, one is in Ghent and one disappeared in France long ago.
The British retreat from Mons lasted for two weeks and took the BEF to the outskirts of Paris before it counter-attacked with the French at the Battle of the Marne.
Former deputy mayor of Mons, Jacques Hamaide, said: "We are pleased to have the royals here because I am full of gratitude for the UK.
Casualties on both sides were buried in fields, churchyards and public cemeteries throughout Mons from that battle and others in 1914, until in 1916 the German army searched for a plot of land to build a cemetery for both friend and foe.
Mons, which has already been chosen as the European Capital of Culture for 2015, has seen a massive influx of visitors this year to mark the centenary.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A new research by geologists showed that the Martian volcano Arsia Mons may have been home to one of the most recent habitable environments yet found on the Red Planet.
Set in the village of Dinan, on France's north coast, the whodunit begins at the stern supper table of Raoul Mons (Jacques Dacqmine), a patrician writer renowned locally for his Roman Catholic disposition.