MONUAMissão de Observação das Nações Unidas em Angola (United Nations Observer Mission in Angola)
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"On 22 December the Angolan Government's Council of 'Ministers' Standing Commission complained of the 'passive and complacent manner in which the international community witnessed UNITA's repeated failures to adhere to the Lusaka Protocol, despite complaints made at the appropriate time.'" UN Prepares to Withdraw MONUA, 5(V) ANGOLA PEACE MONITOR, Jan.
The Angolan government also endorses the withdrawal of MONUA forces on February 26.
At the request of the Angolan Government, the United Nations Security Council, in an unprecedented resolution (no 1229 of February 1999), directed the HRD to continue its activities during MONUA's liquidation period.
Observer Mission in Angola MONUA -- July 1997- Feb.
$6,680,111; MONUA (Angola): $41,309,040; UNOSOM II (Somalia):
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