MONUCMission de l'Organisation de Nations Unies en République Démocratique du Congo (French: United Nations Observer Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo)
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Eleven years after the implementation of MONUC, however, the tensions in the Kivu regions kept increasing as Congolese and foreign armed groups took advantage of power and security vacuums.
Starting in November 1999, the DRC welcomed a second UN peace operation in its history as symbolised by the Mission de I'Organisation des Nations Unies en Republique Democratique du Congo (MONUC).
The mechanism consists of a Joint Verification Team of experts from the parties, representatives from MONUC, and the African Union.
As we drove north from the South Kivu capital of Bukavu, I asked the small MONUC child protection team how they worked to disseminate information regarding child soldiery and the DDR process.
La Mision de las Naciones Unidas en la Republica Democratica del Congo (MONUC) es la mision de mantenimiento de paz mas importante del mundo en terminos de personal, pero se mostro impotente frente a la grave situacion que enfrentaba debido, entre otros factores, a la falta de compromiso del gobierno congoles.
Roger Meece, the new head of the UN mission called MONUSCO - which replaced predecessor MONUC - said last week that the rebels were still a huge threat to the population and the UN would keep trying to wipe them out.
mission MONUC, which has recovered 14 bodies and is assisting in the rescue effort.
mission, known as MONUC, took part in the counterattack.
The peacekeeping mission, known as MONUC, has been in the former Belgian colony since 1999 to help the government of Congo as it struggles to re-establish state control over the vast central African nation.
I realized that it was a quake as I stepped out of my car to check the tires."AaAaAa "At the same time, two houses collapsed one meter from my car, I survived miraculously", said Cherkaoui who also served as a member of the UN Organization Mission in DR Congo (MONUC).AaAa Zejjaji was in her house and managed to save herself, while Ben El Mouaffaq was a hundred km away north of the capital.
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