MONUCMission de l'Organisation de Nations Unies en République Démocratique du Congo (French: United Nations Observer Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo)
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More than ONUC some four decades ago, MONUC was tasked with ending a complex emergency situation in the DRC that combined a case of external invasion by Rwanda and Uganda as well as an intra-state armed conflict pitting at least two major rebel movements, namely the Rassemblement Congolais pour la Democratie (RCD) and the Mouvement de Liberation du Congo (MLC) against the national government under President Laurent-Desire Kabila.
The mechanism consists of a Joint Verification Team of experts from the parties, representatives from MONUC, and the African Union.
Needless to say, MONUC is obliged to walk a very thin line in terms of its communication strategy.
Pese a esto, los combates se retoman y el Secretario General propone, en su informe del 8 de junio de 2001, un ajuste de la estructura y del desplazamiento de la MONUC con la creacion de una fuerza especial situada en el este del pais, la cual tendria un batallon en Kindu y Kisangani, y un batallon de reserva con unidades especializadas.
MONUC had been in the former Belgian colony since 1999 to help the government of the DRC as it struggles to re-establish state control over the vast central African nation.
The first troops would arrive by the end of August, with the rest deployed by the end of October, MONUC spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Jean-Paul Dietrich told AFP.
Together with other aid agencies, IRC staff formed a convoy and MONUC offered armed vehicles to protect it.
I went to the headquarters of MONUC in Goma to meet the UN civilian and military leaders and to find out exactly what is happening on the ground.
I said we should head to the MONUC base - the base of the peacekeepers.
STRUGGLING: A child carries water in a makeshift displaced persons camp outside the MONUC base in the village of Kiwanja, 90 kms north of Goma, eastern Congo, yesterday.
Media reports of serious abuses by Indian and Pakistani peacekeepers based in Democratic Republic of Congo's lawless eastern borderlands have repeatedly dogged the MONUC, which has also been hit by a series of sex scandals.
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