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MOOCMassive Open Online Course (online education)
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To what extent are formal barriers to MOOC participation inequal for underprivileged and privileged groups?
In this regard the structure that most MOOCs have - short video lectures alternating with assignments and quizzes is perfect.
Dentro de ese ecosistema de gente aprendiendo nuevas cosas al ingresar a la Red de redes, la flexibilidad de los MOOC es la mayor ventaja que los mexicanos encuentran en este tipo de educacion.
MOOCs support learning pedagogies such as flipped classrooms and blended learning, contributing heavily to the shift in learning trends and closing the gap between higher education and employment preparedness.
Con el proposito de avanzar en la investigacion sobre el impacto de los MOOC en la educacion superior y, particularmente en el entorno nacional, es importante registrar los antecedentes y experiencias previas que puedan servir para guiar este proceso.
EdX, for example, is a non-profit, open-sourced MOOC provider developed by MIT and Harvard in 2012.
MOOC as a new teaching model, it will be the curriculum re decomposition, re-- recycling, so that it can adapt to online education.
An article published by Forbes in January 2016 estimates that there are more than 4,200 MOOC courses available, and many more if corporate training programs are included in the total.
The most important aspect of this study was to check the awareness and utilization of MOOC and video series available online and offline.
So, a few years after "The Year of the MOOC" and Christensen's prediction of doom, traditional higher education is still with us--but so are the MOOCs.
The MOOC concept was first developed in 2008 by Dave Cormier to give life to Siemens and Downes' concept of EURConnectivism and Connective Knowledge' by providing free online courses with no credits to be gained.
Recently, five researchers from Carnegie Mellon University decided to test out what difference extra activities make on learning outcomes inside a massive open online course, or MOOC.