MOODPA Manageable Object Oriented Development Process
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At this point, we would like to suggest that there also exist clauses with a MoodP with the feature [-indicative], and with a modal particle that introduces a proposition with a bare infinitive.
They share the same feature in the MoodP, although to-infinitives may display any of the two values [[+ or -] assertive] in ForceP.
Note that to is the grammatical particle responsible for the checking (and cancellation) of the [-indicative] and [-assertive] features in MoodP and ForceP; this implies that the subordinate clause it inaugurates will convey different non-assertive readings (i.e.
We have offered a structural account of modality around two features, [[+ or -] assertive] and [[+ or -] indicative], which must be checked covertly by the verb of the sentence in ForceP and MoodP, respectively: