MOOPMatter Out of Place
MOOPMaximum Out-of-Pocket (health care expenses)
MOOPMeans of Operator Protection (healthcare)
MOOPManual of Operations and Procedures (US NIH)
MOOPMolecular Orbital Overlap Population (chemistry)
MOOPMuseum of Ornamental Post (blog)
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Product manager Ann-Marie Bayliss at Murata commented that with UL60950 recognition for reinforced insulation and ANSI/AAMI ES606011 2 x MOOPs pending, "The NXJ1 offers enhanced features previously not available in a miniature low-profile, surface-mount product.
As these objectives are conflicting in nature, solving the MOOP helps in obtaining the PO or tradeoff solutions among various conflicting objectives.
The above three theories were integrated to develop a new planning efficiency evaluation approach that considers the tradeoffs of MOOP and planning preferences.
Most existing methods for tackling MOOP apply the weighting sum method (Lai & Li, 1999), i.
Finally, 33 percent of plans had a patient type retail DAW penalty; however, retail MAB, retail MOOP, and retail deductible were far less common pharmacy benefit design elements.
Evolutionary algorithms (EA), which are random exploring optimization algorithms based on the idea of the biological evolutionary, are widely used and well suited for MOOP to look for the global optimum [5-7].
Since EAs deal with a group of candidate solutions, it seems natural to use them in MOOPs to find a group of optimal solutions.
Devastated daughter Helen, fiance Matty, baby bump and Missie Moops xxxxx.
Similarly, both devices have ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1, 2 x MOOPs (NMTTL has just one) and 1 x MOPPs safety recognition pending at 250 VAC, offering ease of system approval for medical systems safety approval purposes.
Similarly, approvals for ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1, two MOOPs, and two MOPPs at different system voltage levels are pending and when attained will simplify system approval for medical applications.
Certification to safety standard UL60950 for reinforced insulation and the medical 3rd edition safety standard ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 for 2 MOOPs and 2 MOPPs is currently pending.
The series suits a broad range of medical applications for which certification to ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 to 2 MOOPs is pending.