MOOPMatter Out of Place
MOOPMaximum Out-of-Pocket (health care expenses)
MOOPMeans of Operator Protection (healthcare)
MOOPManual of Operations and Procedures (US NIH)
MOOPMolecular Orbital Overlap Population (chemistry)
MOOPMuseum of Ornamental Post (blog)
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In the present paper a multiobjective heat transfer search (MOHTS) algorithm for solving MOOPs is proposed and has been applied to the MOOP of optimizing the suspension parameters of the half car model with driver's seat having total five degrees of freedom as used in [21-23] to evaluate the potential of the proposed MOHTS algorithm.
The key performance required for onboard optimal maneuver planning is proper computational complexity; the feasible solution is to transfer the MOOP to a single-objective optimization problem (SOOP) by making sum of the three fitness functions:
According to [14] the methods for solving MOOP can be classified into three main categories: a priori, interactive, and generation methods.
By defining the upper and lower bounds of decision variables, MOOP problem is formulated to minimize EPD and drive cycle tracking error.
Product manager Ann-Marie Bayliss at Murata commented that with UL60950 recognition for reinforced insulation and ANSI/AAMI ES606011 2 x MOOPs pending, "The NXJ1 offers enhanced features previously not available in a miniature low-profile, surface-mount product."
As these objectives are conflicting in nature, solving the MOOP helps in obtaining the PO or tradeoff solutions among various conflicting objectives.
[10] for generating pareto optimal solutions of a MOOP. It is a posteriori preference based method that generates the non-inferior solutions [6, 18] by considering one objective function at a time as primary one and converting the remaining objective functions as constraints.
The aim of this research is to develop a new planning efficiency evaluation approach in terms of MOOP and planning preferences at preliminary planning stage.
Most existing methods for tackling MOOP apply the weighting sum method (Lai & Li, 1999), i.e., transforming the multiple objective functions into a single objective function by calculating their weighting sum.
A vector of seven dichotomous covariates included in all models indicating the presence of other retail pharmacy benefit design characteristics were as follows: (1) retail coinsurance--whether the patient OOP cost variables were calculated using coinsurance rates via the method described previously, (2) mandatory mail--whether the plan required maintenance medications for chronic conditions be dispensed via mail service after the filling of one or two retail prescriptions, (3) retail deductible, (4) retail MAB, (5) retail MOOP, and (6 and 7) each of the two types of retail DAW penalty; all as defined previously.
The calculation loop used for multi-objective optimization problem (MOOP) is shown in Figure 3.
MOOP someone disoriented by changing patterns of light and dark in polar regions (acronym for "man out of phase")