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MOOSManual Out of Service
MOOSMaking Offshore Outsourcing Sustainable (est. 2004)
MOOSMonterey Ocean Observing System (Moss Landing, CA)
MOOSMilitary Out of Our Schools (counter-recruitment program)
MOOSMember of Opposite Sex
MOOSMechanical Organ Owners Society (est. 1976; UK)
MOOSMaster of Old School
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Von Moos said the boy was removed from the area by security as security officers surrounded Bennett.
Moos, a retired businessman, is an inveterate collector --and not only of tribal pieces.
"So, for example, a cow that is in a field next to my house in West Oxfordshire would moo in one Kind of way and a cow in a field in the semi-industrial town I grew up in would moo in another Kind of way." The chat then developed into Sir PatricK teaching listeners the art of mooing.
"Jason told me he's gay over the phone on a Monday morning in April, the same day the magazine hit newsstands," Moos continued.
Moos: I came back from the war and went to Washington State College along with my wife.
A native of Grand Forks, N.D., Moos is a life member of Chapter 7 in Bowie, Md.
As an out resident of Colorado Springs for 30 years, I have seen firsthand the effect the "Moo" campaign has had on this community, and from my perspective it has done exactly what it set out to do--open a dialogue.
He believes that just as with birds, cows in distinct areas learn to moo in different ways.
Diane Davis argues that "Educational MOOs invite connections between [real life] and [virtual reality] that leave our understanding of both profoundly altered" (1998, 268).
Moos later described what have long stood as environmental system domains in social ecology that can universally depict different environments in terms of three dimensions: 1) the Relationship Dimension, 2) the Personal Growth Dimension, and 3) the System Maintenance and Change Dimension (Moos 1974).
The ones seen in Julie Moos' photographs mostly are retired service industry workers who have been employed as nurses, domestics, and sales clerks in stores appealing mainly to black customers.
Dairy Crest launched their Li'l Moos organic whole milk for children in a distinctively shaped, single-serve, 250m1 Tetra Prisma Aseptic carton.