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MOOTWMilitary Operations Other Than War
MOOTWMessier Object of the Week
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The reorganization will have a major impact on the PLA's ability to prepare for and execute its main functions of strategic deterrence, combat operations, and MOOTW.
While these subtypes do not all map directly onto all the purposes of MOOTW as developed by the U.S.
Schubert demonstrates that MOOTW, by whatever name, has been a constant in U.S.
conducted during MOOTW. The most likely of these missions involve cargo
Watson (strategy, National War College) examines the post 9/11 American military and civilian experience with nation building, employing a broad definition of the term that encompasses stability operations, mootw ("military operations other than war"), peacekeeping, peace operations, peace maintenance, reconstruction operations, institution building, and counterinsurgency operations.
In short, traditional EOF is a concept best suited for riot control, peacekeeping, and other types of military operations other than war (MOOTW).
Post-Cold War activities had many titles besides MOOTW: complex contingency, irregular war, conflict termination, low-intensity conflict, counter-insurgency.
(206) These procedures do not appear to apply in what the Army calls Military Operations Other than War (MOOTW).
These terms include peacekeeping, military operations other than war (MOOTW), and OOTW.
When President Bush declared, on May 1, 2003, the termination of "major combat operations," Operation Iraqi Freedom I was brought to a close and the curtains were drawn back on Operation Iraqi Freedom II, which, in General Wissler's words, marked the "shifting from a kinetic fight into stability and support operations against an insurgent element." Stability and support operations are not, within the pandect of modern conflict, considered war at all but "military operations other than war," or MOOTW (pronounced mootwah).