MOPANMultilateral Organizations Performance Assessment Network (Canada)
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I see this signing as a natural extension of the first MOPAN evaluation of UNESCO, in which you participated actively.
"We are very grateful for the opportunity that the MOPAN review gives us to look critically and constructively at our performance", said UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre KrEnhenbE-hl.
The MOPAN assessed 14 organisations, including the UNRWA recently.
Asimismo, Avendano senala y situa lo que supone son distintas naciones y poblaciones al norte y noroeste: Zacatan, mopanes, tipues, chinamitas.
Faced with these newly-arrived residents, the indigenous Mopan and Kekchi Maya were so discreet that they remained ignored by the administration almost until the 20th century (a report by the colonial administration of 1912 ignores them completely, Land in Crown Colonies, 1912).
(7) Auh in mahan titlachictli, in mahan timetl: can cuel in timocaoaz timeia, aco qujn vel ica toqujchtli, in oc uel tonmotlamj, in aoc cuelle tiqujlvia, in aoc cuelle ticaitia monamic, ie cuel mjtzihija ie cuel mjtztlaelitta, ca nel noco ticapizmjctia: aco qujn ie ic itlati in qujnequj tlalticpacaiotl, injc timaceoalti in monamjc, ie te oc uel timocauh: muchimmopanti acaco y iatlamatia mopan iaz mjtzontlaximaz: ca nel noco otinmjciuhcapolo, ca otonmotlamj.
MOPAN (Multilateral Organization Performance Assessment Network).
The Mid-Oregon Production Arts Network, or MOPAN, will host one of three statewide sites for remote public participation in the Governor's Office of Film and Television annual meeting in Portland.
The most serious cross-border incident during his administration, says Ruiz, was when a thief from Melchor de Mencos swam across the Rio Mopan, which divides the two countries, burgled a local shop in Benque Viejo, and shot a Belizean citizen.
Asi, la constatacion entre las afinidades terminologicas entre la forma de expresar relaciones espaciales y relaciones sociales entre los mayas mopan (Danziger 1996), o la observacion de que los grupos que manejan un marco de referencias espaciales absoluto tienden a ser grandes navegantes: pues ni una determinada forma de expresar afinidades sociales ni las habilidades nauticas son categorias basicas de cualquier lenguaje.