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MOPIERMultiple Original Printer
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The availability of HP DesignJet printers and HP Mopiers through the Business Store continues HP's long history of responding to customer needs and purchase preferences," said Kim Tchang, North American e-business manager for HP's Commercial Channels Organization.
Leveraging HP's Digital Sender technology, the Digital Sender module software allows HP Mopier users to turn paper-based documents into e-mail with the touch of a button.
HP has made significant strides in the advancement and distribution of its entire HP Mopier line," said Tim Haney, general manager of HP's Mopy/Copy Solutions Division.
Lanier's digital integrated document solutions, which now include the HP Mopier line, are a vital component of DOCutivity, which is Lanier's strategy to offer products and services to successfully manage the entire document life cycle, from creation to connection, distribution, replication, production and retention.
HP Laser and Inkjet Printers, Mopiers, Scanners, Digital Senders, Information Appliances, Print Servers, Printer Management Software and Current All-in-one Products Will Operate Correctly In the 21st Century
HP and Pixel Magic worked together to develop the copying functionality for our new Mopier 320 Network Copier," said Gunnar Lundgren, R&D manager, HP Mopy/Copy Solutions Operation.
MOPier sales are expected to skyrocket from 45,000 units in 1998 to more than a half million units in 2002, an average increase of 82 percent annually, according to CAP Ventures Senior Consultant Barry Tepper.
The new HP Mopier 320 network copier makes duplicating documents even easier by adding collating, stapling and stacking features along with walk-up copying capability.
Incorporating a robust 32 page-per-minute (ppm) digital imaging system, the Mopier 320 network copier offers advanced walk-up copying features and functions.
These include inkjet and laser printers, mopiers (multiple-original-print printers), scanners, all-in-one devices and networking solutions, which help give users a wide array of choices to help them meet their unique needs.
The Mopier 240 network copier is designed to bring the benefits of mopying to typical copier customers seeking faster, more reliable and productive ways of making duplicates.