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MOPITTMeasurements of Pollution In The Troposphere
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The global tropospheric CO concentrations have decreased by about 1% [yr.sup.-1] in the last decade according to studies based on MOPITT and other observations (Worden et al.
The MOPITT sensor aboard NASA's Terra satellite tracked wildfire smoke plumes as they spread from Indonesian islands to the Indian Ocean from September to November 2006.
'MOPITT is an especially valuable tool because it monitors carbon monoxide, a good indicator of pollution from combustion that remains in the atmosphere for several weeks, often travelling vast distances,' said Dr Edwards.
When MODIS data are combined with data from other satellite-based systems, such as TOMS, MOPITT, and Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment (a European-built and -launched instrument measuring ozone and nitrogen dioxide), it yields a more comprehensive atmospheric portrait.
MOPITT observes the air pollutant carbon monoxide as Terra circles Earth from pole to pole 16 times a day, NASA said.
It's a global issue,'' said John Gille, MOPITT principal investigator.
The Terra carries a Measurements of Pollution in the Troposphere (MOPITT) system that was provided by the Canadian Space Agency, and designed by Com Dev Ltd.
During the 5-yr mission, MOPITT will continuously scan the atmosphere below it to provide the world with the first long-term, global measurements of carbon monoxide and methane gas levels in the lower atmosphere.
Saunois, 2015: Decadal trends in global CO emissions as seen by MOPITT. Atmos.
2005) and the MOPITT V5 total column carbon monoxide (CO) retrievals.
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