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MOPPMother of Pearl Pendant (jewelry)
MOPPMeans of Patient Protection (medical safety standards)
MOPPMission-Oriented Protective Posture (US DoD)
MOPPManual of Patent Practice (intellectual property; UK)
MOPPManual of Policies and Procedures (various locations)
MOPPMonoaxially Oriented Polypropylene
MOPPMechlorethamine, Oncovin, Procarbazine, Prednisone (chemotherapy protocol for Hodgkins Lymphoma)
MOPPMarg of Pepper Pike (store in Pepper Pike, Ohio)
MOPPMeclorethamine, Vincristine (Oncovin), Procarbazine, Prednisone (chemotherapy for Hodgkin's lymphoma)
MOPPMedical Officer Permanent Parttime
MOPPMultiple Objective Programming Problem
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Thereby, the estimation of MOPP at an indicated time was enabled from the difference between MAP and IOP replaced for venous pressure as follows: MOPP = 2/3 x (MAP - IOP).
All heat stress tests started after a 20-minute rest period when the subjects were seated within the environmental chamber, in MOPP suits, while doing no work.
The inputs to the model include clothing levels with MOPP options, activity level, environmental conditions, wind speed, and degree of heat acclimation.
Split MOPP TTP information includes guidance on contamination control areas (CCAs), chemical-defense transition zones, and transition points.
My OC/Ts watched Soldiers and leaders to ensure that they donned their masks properly before giving the signal to go to MOPP 4 status.
Soldiers were required to go to MOPP 4 before entering the hazard area and were checked for contamination with the ICAM upon exiting.
Lane Execution: Each team began at a start point in MOPP 0 and moved through two phase lines (PLs) and a release point.
When the ChemO completes intelligence preparation of the battlefield (see the terrain, see the enemy), he has a good idea of what MOPP the brigade combat team (BCT) should assume.
Stand-out features include suitability for type BF rated (Body Floating) applications, input dual fusing, 2 x MOPP isolation and less than 300uA leakage current.