MOPPEModified Operational Propulsion Plan Examination
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Phillips worked at Van Moppes and kept one of the stone cores.
--La Java du carrefour des ondes / paroles de Maurice Van Moppes ...; arr.
Wolverton Hall was picked as the perfect hideaway for the van Moppes and their haul, well away from the coast and the attention of enemy agents.
(27) The humorists Pierre Dac and Maurice Van Moppes produced a stream of parodic songs deriding collaborators and the Nazis, including Dac's version of 'Ca fait d'excellents Francais', whic h targets the opportunism of stars like Maurice Chevalier, who were happy to accept large sums to perform on Radio-Paris (the second stanza then contrasts such self-serving behaviour with the sacrifices of true patriots):
His eventual arrival in London in October 1943 (at the cost of spending some eighteen months in French and Spanish prisons for his unsuccessful attempts) was a propaganda coup for the Free French broadcasting team (even if his fellow chansonnier Maurice Van Moppes had been performing his own parodic songs since 1940).
French: Pour qui sonne le glas, by Denise Van Moppes. Italian: Per chi suona la campana, by Maria Napolitano Martone (Rome: Arnoldo Mondadori Editore).
But the MP, who has been seen with stunning Jane Burgess, claimed all that finished when he met his beautiful wife - wealthy heiress Nicole Van Moppes.
Among his known actions are: 1981: He managed to extract an apology from The Sunday Times following an article "filled with inaccuracies" including saying he was married to Nikki Oppenheimer - his wife of 17 years is called Nikki Van Moppes.
For 17 years he has been married to wealthy Nikki Van Moppes, an interior designer and horse-breeder.