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MORMorelos (State of México)
MORMathematics of Operations Research
MORMinistry of Railways (China)
MORMeals on the Run (various locations)
MORMinistry of Revenue (various locations)
MORMother of Runes (gaming)
MORMidwest Orthopaedics at Rush (Chicago, IL)
MORManagement by Objectives and Results (methodology)
MORMemorandum of Reprimand (military censure)
MORModulus of Rupture
MORManaged Object Repository
MORMagneto Optical Recording
MORManager Once Removed
MORMid-Ocean Ridge
MORMasters of Reality (band)
MORManagement of Risk (also seen as M_o_R; UK)
MORMorendo (music; dying away in tone and time)
MORMonthly Operating Report
MORMedication Observation Record
MORMinimum Order Requirement
MORMeteorological Optical Range
MORMortality Odds Ratio
MORMortal Oscillatory Rate (Royal Rife)
MORMilitary Operations Research
MORMission Operations Review
MORMandatory Occurrence Report (aviation)
MORMission Operations Room
MORMouvements Oculaires Rapides (French: Rapid Eye Movements)
MORMaster of Operations Research (College degree)
MORMonthly Organizational Report
MORMemorandum Of Record
MORMilitary Operational Requirement (NATO acronym)
MORMedian Odds Ratio
MORMulti-wavelength Optical Repeater
MORMission Operations Report
MORMonthly Operating Review
MORMaster Ordnance Repair
MORModel of Record
MORMedical Officer Report
MORMail Order Rule
MORMinister of Reality (band)
MORManufacturing Operation Recovery
MORMarket Opportunity Rating
MORMotor Operated Rheostat
MORMid-Ocean Range
MORManagement Operating Ratio
MORMultinational Opportunity Registration
MORMonthly Obligation Report
MORMission, Base Operations, Renovation (US Army)
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MOR vision users now have a custom-designed screen where they can submit MI data directly to United Guaranty as well as receive MI rate quotes and MI certificate attachments, which are auto-populated into the appropriate MOR vision loan files.
From figure 2 we can know that when the temperature goes up the MOR value decreases at first and the goes up.
Railways in India are run by MOR, which is a unit of the Indian Government and has its own Cabinet minister.
Technical bulletin, "Santocure MOR 90," Monsanto, Brussels (1980).
Por esta razon, los investigadores creen que el sueno MOR tiene otras funciones, como influir en los procesos de aprendizaje y consolidacion de la memoria; es decir, almacenar las vivencias importantes, modificar o reforzar nuestras conductas y, en pocas palabras, contribuir a que continuemos siendo nosotros mismos a la manana siguiente.
En esas investigaciones, los neurofisiologos han postulado varias hipotesis sobre la utilidad de los suenos y, por lo tanto, de los MOR.
The restructuring of the railway is expected to facilitate overhaul the impairment suffered by the MOR after the Wenzhou high-speed train mishap in 2011 and a scam linking the previous railway minister Mr.