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MORASSMultiple Overhauser Relaxation Analysis And Simulation
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Dowd Morass was ideal because it had been subject to very tight control of its wetting and drying cycles over the past 30 years: since the mid-1970s, it had been kept almost permanently inundated to provide for waterfowl hunting, to allow for breeding of colonial-breeding waterbirds, and to prevent intrusions of saline water from the adjacent Lake Wellington.
Using XBRL as a universal standard will allow companies to integrate and improve information sharing with regulators, investors and other external entities--and dig out of the morass of useless data that often accompanies corporate consolidations--without moving to uniform hardware or operating systems.
Even human resource and software development functions are being sucked into the 404 auditing morass.
The nation is mired in a morass of intertwined environmental problems.
But when they are higher up--and let's face it, there are plenty of managers and executives in businesses large and small who are more interested in preserving a no-longer-existing status quo than in actual change--the magnitude of the morass is thoroughly daunting.
The nine-year-old is due to reappear in the William Hill Chase at Exeter next Friday, ground permitting, but his trainer Henrietta Knight said: "If it remains dry at Exeter, he'll run as planned, but he'll be given an entry in the Peterborough Chase to offer an alternative if it comes up a morass.
The whole country is fast becoming a morass of totally under-used museums.
Managing underwriters with compliance employees on staff have the advantage of staying on top of an ever-changing morass of statutory regulations.
As companies and their systems have grown, the combinations of functional applications they rely on--including corporate-wide ERP and CRM applications, to in-house developed departmental programs, to systems inherited through acquisitions--have created a morass of complexity that is strangling corporate speed and agility while stifling user productivity and innovation.
Today, in the morass of high-stakes testing and the all-encompassing emphasis upon academic achievement, socialization via schooling is masked.
When southern California changed from a place where this was possible into an overcrowded, problem-ridden morass, they loaded up their belongings and young children and took possession of a ranch on the Snake River near the Washington-Idaho border.
You can't do better than that," Findlay says, referring to the morass of regulations and permits that sometimes hamper similar guiding services in other countries.