MORBMid-Ocean Ridge Basalt
MORBMulticast Object Request Broker
MORBManual of Regulations for Banks (Philippines)
MORBMedical Officer Retention Bonus
MORBMale O-ring Boss (fitting)
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La relacion Ba/La es mas elevada que en los basaltos tipo MORB y OIB y comparable con los basaltos de arcos de isla toleiticos, lo que segun Wilson (1989) es debido, en las zonas de subduccion, al enriquecimiento en Ba proveniente de los sedimentos involucrados en el proceso de subduccion.
Pichay earlier filed a motion for partial reconsideration seeking to reverse the finding of probable cause against him for graft and violation of the MORB.
Ishiwatari [10] further indicated that the metabasalt and metagabbro in the Oshima peninsula and Ayabe areas possess geochemical affinities of MORB and are derived from a T-type MORB source.
Also, the first diagram in this set discriminates the combined setting of CRB and OIB from IAB and MORB. Also note that in equations 27 and 28, La/Th ratio is absent because this parameter was not statistically significant for IAB, OIB, and MORB discrimination.
Average concentration of TiO2 (1.99 wt% for Niat amphibolites and 1.56 wt% for Jal amphibolites) nd K2O (0.14 wt% for Niat amphibolites and 0.20 wt% for Jal amphibolites) exhibit MORB like composition where as average Y/Nb ratio (8.9 for Niat amphibolites and 8.4 for Jal amphibolites) are close to N-MORB(12).
This negative correlation is unusual for MORB in general (Lupton 1983), and indicates that the high-[sup.87]Sr/[sup.86]Sr component in Explorer and Juan de Fuca Ridge lavas does not originate in deep, un-degassed mantle.
Meanwhile, Pichay filed a motion for partial reconsideration seeking to reverse the finding of probable cause against him for graft and violation of the MORB.
Al comparar los valores de [K.sub.2]O, Sr, Nb y Zr de las diabasas (TABLA 4) con contenidos y valores en dorsales meso-oceanicas presentados por Wilson (1989), hay concordancia, en terminos generales, entre los valores obtenidos en la mayoria de muestras y los generados en un ambiente tipo MORB. La mayoria de muestras presentan valores de [K.sub.2]O entre 0,1 y 0,3% y cinco muestras tienen valores entre 0,3% y 0,49% (9569, 5757, 7484, 80924, 95004); los valores de Sr para 10 muestras estan entre 90 ppm y 200 ppm, las muestras 5757, 90019, 95055, 95060 tienen Sr>200 ppm y la muestra 80927 tiene contenido de Sr de 71,77 ppm.
Today, based mostly on isotopic data from OIB and mid-ocean ridge basalt (MORB), five types of mantle-source regions, or components, are recognized (Zindler and Hart, 1986; Hofmann, 2003).
Both panels admitted before the court that they were only 'partially happy' with the resolution that dismissed all malversation cases as the multiple charges of graft and violations of the Manual of Regulation for Banks (MORB) were sustained.
The chapter by Peter Fralick on "Geochemistry of elastic sedimentary rocks: ratio techniques" deals with the tailoring of ratios to prove immobility using immobile elements from minerals that have similar hydrodynamic behavior, the use of spider diagrams with MORB or mantle normalization to deduce provenance and the tectonic control of elemental abundances, and the use of ratios to determine hydraulic sorting relationships in paleoplacer deposits.