MORCMinnesota Off-Road Cyclists (Minneapolis, MN)
MORCMaterial Out of Regulatory Control (nuclear energy)
MORCMinimum Operating Reliability Criteria (Western Systems Coordinating Council reliability standards)
MORCMidget Ocean Racing Club
MORCMoorish Orthodox Radio Crusade (WBAI, New York)
MORCMacomb Oakland Regional Center, Inc. (est. 1972; Michigan)
MORCMedical Officers Reserve Corps
MORCMulti-Output Resonant Converter
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Ja a baixa reducao de volume da fase de compostagem pode estar associada aos elevados teores de MORC (Tabela 3), o que diminui a capacidade dos microrganismos oxidarem o material e, consequentemente, reduzirem o volume enleirado, como mencionado por ORRICO JUNIOR et al.
Tabela 3--Relacao carbono e nitrogenio (C:N) e conteudos de carbono (C), materia organica compostavel (MOC), materia organica resistente a compostagem (MORC) e demanda quimica de oxigenio (DQO) do residuo solido de abate de aves + casca de arroz.
Going on sale worldwide, Morc hopes his book will change attitudes to activity and have a lasting impact globally on future generations.
Morc Coulson, a senior lecturer from the University of Sunderland, says exercise and activity from the day a child can stand on its own two feet holds the key to staving off a life-time of obesity and health problems.
The erection of the seismic station near Moravsky Beroun (signed as MORC) in 1994 started to monitor natural seismicity.
The Fitness Instructor's Handbook was University of Sunderland lecturer Morc Coulson's first book and sold out its first print run both in the USA and the UK.
Prompted by his findings into the UK's childhood obesity epidemic, Morc Coulson, a senior lecturer for sport and exercise sciences at Sunderland University, has penned a comprehensive guide for people involved in teaching exercise to youngsters.
* Moravsky Beroun (MORC)--stations are equipped with Quanterra and STS-2 and provide continuous data transfer to the data center in Brno in real time.
For our data assessment purposes, only readings from five stations were used, namely OKC, MORC, DPC, KRUC and VRAC; their layout is displayed in Fig.
Concerned Morc Coulson believes school sport needs a complete overhaul.
In questionable cases the records were compared with those of seismic stations of the regional seismic network (DPB Paskov), seismic stations Ostrava-Krasne Pole (OKC), Moravsky Beroun (MORC) and Vranov near Brno (VRAC).