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MoRDMinistry of Rural Development (India)
MoRDMedical Operations Requirements Document (US NASA)
MoRDMiscellaneous Obligation Reimbursement Document
MoRDMagnetic Optical Rotatory Dispersion (chemistry)
MoRDMinistry of Revolutionary Development (public works; Vietnam and US)
MoRDMalopolski Osrodek Ruchu Drogowego (Polish: Malopolski Road Center; driver's license exam center; Krakow, Poland)
MoRDMedical Office Records Department
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And it is from Mord's flank that Rachel discovers Borne the centrepiece of our tale right at the beginning, and brings him home to the Balcony Cliffs.
-- Certifying Officials shall not authorize a negative MORD unless they have applied for and received permission in writing from Deputy Assistant Secretary Financial Operations (SAF/FMP) (Air Force Accounting and Finance Office (AFAF0)):
crore) Utilization Percentage Total Total funds of funds utilization Allocation available available of fund 2003-04 1066 1215 1043 86 2004-05 1333 1511 1291 85 2005-06 1333 1559 1339 86 2006-07 1466 1724 1424 83 2007-08 2269 2394 1966 83 2008-09 2692 3003 2285 76 Total 10159 11406 9348 82 Source: Compiled from various Annual Reports of MoRD, Govt.
Al no obtener una respuesta por parte de la madre, algunos cachorros utilizaron un segundo tipo de demanda de atencion; se colocaban delante de la madre, realizaban contacto tactil (CTAC), le mordian distintas partes del cuerpo (MORD) o intentaban mamar.
Also, the first episode of public broadcaster ARD's newly launched crime format Mord mit Aussicht (Murder With a View) performed well below expectations.
Mord 2007-08 1st year of 1-year term SILICON VALLEY SAN JOSE CHAPTER [3] James L.
Clement sera, au contraire, "la mort n'y mord" (la mort
Blazek to be present also in Mord. kom(e)s 'twenty' considered by him as a derivative from U *[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.]--a variation of U *[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.]/[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.]> FU *[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] 'twenty'.
Title: Mord, misshandel och sexuella overgrepp: Historiska och kulturella perspektiv pa kon och vald (Murder, assault and sexual abuse: Historical and cultural perspectives on gender and violence)(title translated by the reviewer)Author: Inger Lovkrona (editor)Published by: Nordic Academic PressISBN: 91-89116-20-8Price: SEK220Reviewer: Ann Sundqvist
It is the Virgin who speaks, a rather marotique Virgin who has no doubt read the Deplaration de Florimond Robertet: "Pour rous humains, j'ay mys a mort la mort; / J'ay contere peche qui l'homme mord; / Destruict sera tout infernal palud: / Car mon fils vient, qui de faict absolut / Rompra enfer et briseta son fort.
Published in German as "Endlosung": Volkerverschiebung und der Mord an den europaischen Juden (Frankfurt am Main: S.
In Ich will meinen Mord (1995) a writer traveling on a train constructs a novel about her murder of a fellow passenger.