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MORESManagement of Resources and Environmental Solutions (Lebanon)
MORESMetal Oxide Regenerable Subsystem
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He had never been insulted on his own land before, and had been inclined to regard himself as a general favorite (we are all apt to do so, when we think of our own amiability more than of what other people are likely to want of us).
Dagley; but nothing was easier in those times than for an hereditary farmer of his grade to be ignorant, in spite somehow of having a rector in the twin parish who was a gentleman to the backbone, a curate nearer at hand who preached more learnedly than the rector, a landlord who had gone into everything, especially fine art and social improvement, and all the lights of Middlemarch only three miles off.
The post British have quirky, prudish mores when it comes to indiscretions among their politicians appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Astor Do?: The Essential Guide to the Manners and Mores of the Gilded Age" serves as a guide to manners as well as an insight to Mrs.
'I've been doing this 'panata' (vow) for three years,' said Mores, a Cavite native.
With morality, such as it is, being taught not at home but at school, where instructions bow to whomever funds them, mores have sunk to an all-time low.
James Loftus in action at Stadt Mores Park MICK CHARMAN
The fourth requirement for informed consent--that of requiring it not to be contra bonos mores, i.e.
Q: How much of that is changing social mores, and how much is technological change that allows people to route around censorship?
In The Ethics and Mores of Race: Equality After the History of Philosophy, Naomi Zack aims at filling in some of the lacunas in the traditional canon.