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MORESManagement of Resources and Environmental Solutions (Lebanon)
MORESMetal Oxide Regenerable Subsystem
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Dagley; but nothing was easier in those times than for an hereditary farmer of his grade to be ignorant, in spite somehow of having a rector in the twin parish who was a gentleman to the backbone, a curate nearer at hand who preached more learnedly than the rector, a landlord who had gone into everything, especially fine art and social improvement, and all the lights of Middlemarch only three miles off.
Only the announcement's photograph--which, after all, exposes the sitter much more than the artist she ostensibly resembles--offers a believable hint of why Dorian Gray secreted his portrait in the attic.
Why was one of the greatest African American actors of his day relegated to little more than a footnote in Hollywood and black history in the years following his death?
Also returning is former Clay mores quarterback Clint Stoerner, who has been allocated by Miami Dolphins, and David Priestley, who played with Amsterdam Admirals last year, is being sent over by Seattle Sea hawks.
PAM has been ritually sacrificed on the altar of public opinion, but it will take a lot more to stamp out the free-market heresy currently entrancing America's political Magi.
When Hirsch speaks of common knowledge as a way to foster scholastic success, he is really asking that schools institutionalize a system that replicates and enforces his values: traditions and mores of the white elite male.
In this century, few names evoke more ire in free market circles than those of John Kenneth Galbraith and Ralph Nader.
Janie, destined to be killed for violating black mores, is saved by the more pervasive ideology of white law.
Sent off at 12-1 after winning a maiden over the course and distance 15 days previously, Mores Wells was produced with a telling run under Declan McDonogh to wear down the gallant front-runner Ferneley and win by half a length.
Both of them children of consumerism, longing for substance and meaning, embodying the alienation of those who defy Japan's old mores, Ama and Lui begin to create their own separate reality.
That fact is reflected in fertility rates and infant mortality, earlier puberty, patterns of mortality, and a population's age profile, all therefore connected to global history yet tied to local mores, social structures, and behaviors.