MORISMagnetics and Optics Research International Symposium
MORISMassachusetts Ocean Resource Information System (online mapping tool)
MORISMandiri Operational Risk Information System
MORISModular Road Information System
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Nay, Seneca adds niceness and satiety: Cogita quamdiu eadem feceris; mori velle, non tantum fortis aut miser, sed etiam fastidiosus potest.
If you will interpret the word INTOLERANCE as FIRMNESS OF PRINCIPLE, if you do not wish to condemn in the catholic soul of the Abbe de Sponde the stoicism which Walter Scott has made you admire in the puritan soul of Jeanie Deans' father; if you are willing to recognize in the Roman Church the Potius mori quam foedari that you admire in republican tenets,--you will understand the sorrow of the Abbe de Sponde when he saw in his niece's salon the apostate priest, the renegade, the pervert, the heretic, that enemy of the Church, the guilty taker of the Constitutional oath.
Today, only Akira, the chief of Mori Trust, makes the list.
Mori's vision for Tokyo is closely related to Le Corbusier's vision for cities.
In fact, when Mori talks about Tokyo, the echoes of Le Corbusier are hard to ignore.
Mori meets me in a private conference room at the top of the Ark Hills complex to discuss his plans for Tokyo.
Mori is flanked by PR men and women during the interview.
DMG / Mori Seiki / Ellison Technologies Marketing Contacts:
DMG / Mori Seiki ( offers extremely reliable machine tools that are distributed worldwide.
Splitting R&D costs between the two companies can make for substantial savings, even if it may be hampererd by a difference in traditional NC providers (Mori favors Fanuc; Gildemeister works with Siemens).
Sixty-year-old Mori Seiki Co., in the decade since Dr.
Mori Seiki Hitech Co., Ltd., Yamato-Koriyama, Japan.