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MORPHMolecular and Organismic Research in Plant History
MORPHMethods of Research Practice in Horticulture (decision support software)
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With respect to the palmate antler morph, the average number of tines decreased significantly during the time series (y = -0.11*period +18.34, df = 11, [R.sup.2]= 0.315, P = 0.045; Fig.
We also found that cannibal morph larvae were more likely to be produced in the presence of a cannibal in a bottle than when no cannibal or bottle was present in the focal animals' tank.
In this task, participants accepted the digitally created morphs around half of the time, while a basic computer model could correctly identify morphs over two-thirds of the time.
Much else our nation used to venerate has morphed into the mundane since that day in 1776 when the Second Continental Congress formally declared our independence from England.
When compared to the 25 to 45 percent of occupied space by traditional solar cells, Morph Technology is more efficient.
"This conference was so much more than what I expected, over the last few years the community has really grown and there are more opportunities for developers and investors to meet," said Team Morph member Mohammed Arkobi.
Fifteen males of each morph were randomly assigned to one of the three experimental treatments (T, n = 45; G, n = 45); males were tested one time and not repeated throughout the experiment.
To ensure equal representation of each morph, the color observed in each trial was alternated between trials.
Here are a few of the core technologies used to develop Morph Cafe: color image processing, augmented reality, digital media, mobile app design.
TIM Peake has said thank you for his thousands of good luck messages - including one from Plasticine TV favourite Morph.
Sensel's Morph relies on a grid of 20,000 tiny force sensors that can also figure out how hard all kinds of objects--fingers, brushes, pens--are pressing on it.
CLASSIC children's star Morph is coming to the Edinburgh Fringe.