MORSERVMortgage Loan Servicing Software (daily cash accounting, multiple escrow fund management)
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In 2000, the megaservicers were able to post servicing costs that were significantly lower than those ever reported in MorServ. Superior productivity figures (including the benefit of outsourcing) led to cost reductions in virtually all functional areas.
The fact is, nearly all companies participating in MorServ that had previously participated in either the 1998 or 1999 survey reported a direct cost to service that had decreased from their previously reported results.
This article discusses KPMG's MorServ results that reflect data for the year ending December 31, 1999.
The MorServ study focuses on cost and productivity within the major functional areas of servicing, including the following:
On average, MorServ participants (surveyed from 1997 to June 1999) service approximately 1,000 loans per direct FTE, with best performers servicing up to 1,800 loans per FTE.
KPMG's MorServ study focuses on quantitative and qualitative data that allows mortgage servicers an opportunity to compare themselves against a participant base in terms of financial and operational performance.
MorServ focused on both quantitative and qualitative data in its assessment of participants' single-family mortgage servicing operational performance.
In addition to the financial performance analysis, MorServ focused on single-family mortgage loan servicing operational quantitative and qualitative data.
MorServ focuses on single-family mortgage servicing data compiled of both quantitative and qualitative information.
The primary goal of MorServ is to produce validated benchmarking statistics, whereby mortgage servicers can compare their performance to that of comparable single-family mortgage servicing operations.
In producing this year's MorServ study, KPMG Peat Marwick studied data from 25 mortgage servicers for the 12 months ending December 31, 1993.
As part of the MorServ process (a proprietary and copyrighted process), we collected, validated and analyzed both quantitative and qualitative data on all areas of mortgage servicing, including customer service, investor services, risk management and miscellaneous functions.