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MORTManagement Oversight Risk Tree
MORTMolecular Orbital Resonance Theory
MORTMinistry of Roads and Trees (Canada)
MORTMissile Ordnance Readiness Test
MORTManagement Oversight Review Technique
MORTResearch Triangle Park Mortality Data Base
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ELIZABETH MORT and Alex Rodriguez, a young Pennsylvania couple, had been home from the hospital for barely a day when caseworkers from Lawrence County Children and Youth Services, accompanied by a police officer, came to take their newborn baby.
In short, Mort is the perfect sleuth for a case involving a much-despised IRS agent whose clean-picked skull is dropped through the slashed top of a convertible.
Pour faire pression sur l'Executif, Amnesty explique que la tendance mondiale s'oriente vers l'abolition de la peine de mort.
Les pertes menstruelles se composent, c'est etabli, d'un sang mort. Mais selon Celine, la mort serait deja irremediablement contenue dans tout sang qui coule du sexe feminin.
Toutefois, depuis lae1/4aoindUu[c]pendance, aucun mineur nae1/4aoa Uu[c]tUu[c] condamnUu[c] Uu mort et aucune femme nae1/4aoa Uu[c]tUu[c] exUu[c]cutUu[c]e.
Just as reading A Farewell to Arms becomes a richer experience after reading Mark Thompson's magisterial The White War, Mort's descriptions of Rambouillet, the V-l bombing of London, the Mosquito aircraft, D-Day, and Hurtgenwald give the reader a firmer grasp of the historical basis of Hemingways work.
Mort opened the back of a green Buick and showed me that our black plaster statuette of Wolfe had been crushed as he was transporting it by air from Miami to the Carolina Inn.
Fields discussed this case with Mort because she had recently tackled a similar case through Legal Aid of Manasota and had a successful outcome.