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MOSADMultiplexed Oversample Analog to Digital Conversion
MOSADMulticast Only Splitter-And-Delivery (network architecture)
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(3.) On the role of Holy Land emissaries during late antiquity see Avraham Ya'ari, shluhei erez yisrael: toldot ha-shlihut me-ha-arez le-geulah me-hurban bayit shenei 'ad ha-me'ah ha-teish'a 'esreih (Jersualem: Mosad ha-Rav Kook, 1951), 189-196.
Leading the session will be Rolly Gueron, who headed the Mosad operations in Washington DC for decades; and Nimrod Novik, policy advisor to Shimon Peres and a leader of the largest Israel Egypt oil project.
Mosad, ranked third internationally, was the reason Adnan exited the 2015 PSA Men's World Squash Championship in the 32nd round, as Mosad defeated Adnan with a score of 3-2 (11-7/10-12/4-11/11-8/11-1).
Mosad Al-Zayani, a Dubai-based Saudi journalist, said the Kingdom's approach to Iran showed it was committed to stability in the region.
Albeck, Haderashot be-Yisrael (Jerusalem: Mosad Bialik, 21954), 430 nn.
(Javaid, 2012) International agencies like Raw and Mosad in disguise are also playing a crucial role in fueling extremism in the society.
In an interview with Euro News on Friday Bashir condemned the terror entities as "brutal", saying they have no link to Islam and accusing the CIA and Mosad of being the driving force behind the organisations.
Correspondence to: Hanan Mosad Al Matraf, E-mail:
Claro que alli estan la CIA, El Mosad, Al-Qaeda y similares, pero de ahi a reducir las banderas de las calles arabes a simples conspiraciones es, entre otras cosas, negar que los arabes puedan pensar politicamente.
They alleged that Altaf Hussain is an agent of FBI, Mosad and Raw and wants to dismember Karachi from Pakistan under an international conspiracy.
After serving in the elite Shayetet naval commando unit, Bloomstein had joined the Mosad. He finished his special agent training and took an intensive course in Persian language and culture.