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MOSAICMultifunctional on-the-Move Secure Adaptive Integrated Communications
MOSAICMetal Oxide Semiconductor Advanced Integrated Circuit
MOSAICMacro Operation Symbolic Assembler and Information Compiler
MOSAICMobility Strategy Applications in the Community (EU)
MOSAICMultifunctional On-the-move Secure Adaptive Integrated Communications (US Army Advanced Technology Demonstration)
MOSAICModeling System for Advanced Investigation of Countermeasures
MOSAICMaui Optical Systems and Imaging Center (Kihei, HI)
MOSAICModels and Simulations: Army Integrated Catalog
MOSAICMeteosat Operational System for Data Acquisition and Interchange
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Some of these were carved in bas-relief; others were delineated in mosaics, while still others appeared to have been painted upon the surface of the wall.
hear!' said the smoking gentleman, in the Mosaic jewellery.
There were vases, and figures of men and animals, and graven platters and bowls, and mosaics of precious gems, and many other things.
When the ancient mosaics in its walls become damaged, they are repaired but not altered; the grotesque old pattern is preserved.
The room was well lighted by a number of large windows and was beautifully decorated with mural paintings and mosaics, but upon all there seemed to rest that indefinable touch of the finger of antiquity which convinced me that the architects and builders of these wondrous creations had nothing in common with the crude half-brutes which now occupied them.
Questions can be directed to Mosaic's Investor Relations Department via e-mail to
This announcement follows Mosaic's recent roll out of an industry-leading PowerSwitch 6 suite of home solar loans to its installation partners.
As part of the class, you'll receive your own mosaic tools and will be able to create and take home three pieces of mosaic art.
Whilst a niche market, Rajani Serasinghe, introduces the art of Mosaic, a form of creativity she has been mastering ever since she was 16 when she completed her first ever mosaic.
The upgrade of the revenue bond ratings to 'AA-' from 'A+' reflects Mosaic's continued improvement in liquidity position, rebound in operating margins in fiscal 2018, and strengthened capital-related ratios.
Shaaban has pursued his passion for mosaic handicraft since early childhood as his father and grandfather taught it to him and his brother.