MOSARMastering Hospital Antimicrobial Resistance
MOSARModulation Scan Array Radar
MOSARMethod Organized for a Systematic Analysis of Risk
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He said the Mosar team would act according to the rescue response of the department and provide assistance such as in terms of logistics and medical aid.
Mosar's motion echoed a text proposed to the European Parliament, which could potentially recognise in principle the state of Palestine, as well as supporting the two state solution and peace talks.
Nepaisant to, praktiniame darbe siuloma taikyti ivairius--tiek matematinius, dazniau grafoanalitinius, metodus: "What-If', FMEA, MOSAR, FTA, DELPHI ir panasius, o viena is nesudetingu formuliu rizikai nustatyti uzrasoma taip: Rizika = tikimybe x zala.
"Mire uste, se va a llevar un cidi que te contiene los exitos romanticos de sus autores favoritos como lo son juan grabiel, josejose, robertocarlos, armando-manzanero, luimiguel y ademas en el mismo disco puede escuchar los jits del momento de sus artistas como son chaquira, chayan, alesintex, talia y muchos mas, tambien le traemos el cidi de la musica para la relajacion y la meditacion con las mas grandes obras de la musica clasica que te contiene hermosas melodias como lo son el cascanueces de chacobsqui, el avemaria de chuber, la tocada en do menor de bach, la obertura de guillermo tel de rosini, la sinfonia no cuarenta de mosar y muchos otros exitos, llevese uno por diez pesos o dos por quince, pa que no lo andes pagando a cientocincuenta en tiendas de autoservicio".
Minister Bagis also met Laurent Mosar, the speaker of Luxembourg's Chamber of Deputies; and members of the Committee on Foreign and European Affairs, Defence, Cooperation and Immigration.
Sjekkliste over norske mosar. Vitskapleg og norsk namneverk.
JL Hunter, DVM, JM Mosar, MD, State Epidemiologist, North Carolina Dept of Environment Health, and Natural Resources.
A total of 239 people, including 130 climbers were at Panalaban during the incident and were brought down with the help of Mountain Search and Rescue (Mosar) personnel and mountain guides that same night.
Stampfli, G.M., Borel, G.D., Cavazza, W., Mosar, J., Ziegler, P.A.
Leveraging the outcomes of the space robotics technologies src building blocks (from call 1 / og1,2,3,4,5), this proposal (mosar) aims to develop, integrate and demonstrate such technologies required to enable a fundamental shift of paradigm with satellites (and more widely spacecrafts) manufacturing and commercial space a key driver, mosar intends to leverage know-how and standards already available in the european space industry for satellites (small / nano sats in particular), to facilitate the uptake of project results by future customers.
- Bagis will meet with Luxembourg's Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker, Deputy Prime Minister & Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn, Parliament Speaker Laurent Mosar and head of the European Investment Bank, Philippe Maystadt.