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I have no idea if Karl was fan of the grape but it would be revolutionary not to visit Trier without at least one wine tasting and choose well and you could also find out the fascinating story of the development of viticulture from those Romans who planted their vines on the sunny slopes of the Mosel and Rhine while keeping a sharp eye out for those Barbarian hoards of Germans heading from beyond the boundaries of the empire.
And I have to say with hand on heart that after just three days of sampling possibly more than 100 different reislings on the Mosel and Rhine, I am now converted and find the New World whites that I have drunk for too many years to mention too acidic.
Almost every day there is a wine festival in one of the towns that follow the Mosel's snaking path in the shadow of the Moselberge heights.
The Nahe Valley is about an hour from the Mosel, just over the border from France and Luxembourg.
Spatlese (aka late harvest, so the grapes are very ripe) means semi-sweet and the Mosel Valley is famous for this higher sugar content.
However, I decided it was time for a bit of culture and we headed for a bus and Reichsburg Cochem Castle, which overlooks the Mosel.
In the case before the CFI on December 15, the Commission had previously given its green light to a first batch of DM 539.1 million of public aid towards the restructuring of the Eastern German VW manufacturing plants of Mosel I and Chemnitz I, but ruled the additional subsidies incompatible with EU state aid law.
As one of very few female winemakers in the Mosel, Kuntz has combined high traditional standards and an avante garde image that is catching on with both consumers and restaurants which have not previously sold much German wine.
ARE A & P, Toisa Intrepid, Investigator; Dawsons Wharf, Ida; East Quay, Saturn; Hpool Deep Water, Fennica, Vertrouwen; Hpool Irvines Quay, Acergy; Hpool North Basin, Defiant; North Tees, Sten Embla; Redcar Ore Terminal, Mosel N; Svitzer, Svitzer Maltby, Svitzer Mull; Tees Dock, Bluewing, Star Grip, Clara, Fehn Calais; TERRC, Tuxedo Royale, Caloosahatchee, Canisteo, Canopus, Compass Island, Forth Drummer, Cla
Treat yours to a lovely light and zesty German riesling from the Mosel valley.
As a simplification, the Mosel hallmark is knife-edged, steely elegance.
More complicated, you can taste the Mosel slate, a forelle or trout wine.