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MOSESMidwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (Spring Valley, WI)
MOSESMobility Services for Urban Sustainability
MOSESMassachusetts One Stop Employment System (system used by Mass Division of Employment and Training Career Centers)
MOSESMajor Open Systems Environment Standards
MOSESMission Oriented Systems Engineering Support
MOSESModular Sensor System
MOSESMassive Open Systems Environment Standards
MOSESMinioptic Stereo Evaluation System
MOSESMulti-sensor Optimal Smoothing Estimation Software
MOSESMobile Office Simulated Environment System
MOSESMission Operations, System Engineering and Software (NASA)
MOSESMarine Oil Spill Equipment Stockpile (database; Australia)
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"Moses is awkward as well as lazy," said the doctor.
The next is a call down the pipe for 'Moses'--that means,
During the expedition into Egypt, your General Bonaparte discovered traces of the works in the Desert of Suez; and, surprised by the tide, he nearly perished before regaining Hadjaroth, at the very place where Moses had encamped three thousand years before him."
The barkeeper looked a little disappointed, for he was calculating to hug those old people, I judge; but it was the gladdest and proudest multitude you ever saw - because they had seen Moses and Esau.
And he said we were in luck, too; said we might attend receptions for forty thousand years to come, and not have a chance to see a brace of such grand moguls as Moses and Esau.
The next day, Moses built an altar at the foot of the mountain with 12 pillars for the 12 tribes of Israel.
On Saturday, hospital boss Simon Kisaka said they managed to get Moses out of danger after two weeks.
God brings change into the life of Moses. A burning bush that is not consumed, now that was a change from the last 40 years.
Today's Lectionary selection skips over the part of the story in which Moses protested that he couldn't carry out that plan in God's name.
She rushed past Moses without hugging or petting him, the way she usually did.
So intimate was the relationship between Moses and God that Moses'face shone with a holy radiance after he talked with God (Exodus 34.29).
A Weatherford high school graduate, Moses has a bachelor's degree in zoology from the University of Oklahoma.