MOSIMuseum of Science and Industry (various locations)
MOSIMaster Out Slave in
MOSIMaster Out Slave In (Serial Peripheral Interface)
MOSIMaster Output Slave Input
MOSIMulti-Option Systems, Inc. (Omaha, NE)
MOSIMorocco Singapore
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DESCRIBED by MOSI as "one of the most Breath taking exhibitions ever to be staged" by the museum, BODY WORLDS 4 features more than 200 authentic specimens, including both diseased and healthy organs and whole body specimens.
Contracts awarded : N04 / 32 EP Mosi tunnel, 080 208, BSA, Lighting Tunnel / Sisto, switchgear Divers Delivery, installation and commissioning tunnel lighting Delivery, installation and commissioning Sistobeleuchtung Delivery, installation and commissioning plant Diver
The dolomite to be used in the test program was obtained from the retained samples of the Tami Mosi drill programs.
Contract award: n04 / 32 080 208, ep mosi tunnel, bsa, e83 raised floor.
Contract award: n04 / 32 080 208, ep mosi tunnel, bsa, los e84 doors / gates and metal construction.
Contract award: n04 / 32 080 208, ep mosi tunnel, bsa, e63-tunnel radio and radio equipment.
Contracts awarded : N04 / 32 080 208, EP Mosi tunnel, BSA, E63-tunnel radio and radio equipment
The lot "E21 tunnel lighting / Sisto, switchgear Divers" is responsible for the lighting and Diver Annex to the EP Mosi.
Dr Dikoloti shared that the area had potential in agriculture, citing production farms in Mosi, Sedibeng and Kanngwe as an agricultural hub for the constituency.
His collection is still at the heart of the MOSI, with visitors coming to catch a glimpse of the machinery in the Textiles Gallery and researchers uncovering meaning in the archives he gathered.
class="MsoNormalAt the Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, the institution in 2016 failed to clear a student leader known as George Mosi to vie for the student union's presidency after he led a peaceful protest against plans to increase school fees.
The bus contains a clock (SCK) and two data buses, master out slave in (MOSI) and master in slave out (MISO) for bidirectional data transfer.