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MOSMMobile Originated Short Message (wireless communications)
MOSMMultiphase Oil Spill Model (environmental computational hydraulics)
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Present research work was carried out to determine the effect of phytase supplementation on mineral digestibility and carcass composition of Catla catla fingerlings fed MOSM based diets.
The dietary treatments were as follows: Supplementation with MOSM at 0%, 0.8%, 1.6%, and 2.4% of total dry matter (DM) intake.
Atleta Diagrama de Venn Comentario Osmolalidade Classificacao (**) W (*) U T urinaria (mOsm) 1 Nao 4 Sim PD 831 H 2 Nao 6 Sim PD 1126 H 3 Nao 6 Sim PD 1006 H 4 Nao 3 Sim E 534 E 5 Nao 4 Sim PD 1074 H 6 Nao 5 Sim PD 1041 H 7 Nao 6 Sim PD 916 H 8 Nao 4 Sim PD 1169 H 9 Nao 4 Sim PD 619 E Legenda: PD= provavel desidratacao, E= Euidratacao, H= hipoidratacao.
The best performance for sperm motility rate and motility time for lane snapper were obtained with the use of extender C (osmolality 172 mOsm, pH 8.2).
Neither the percentage of motile cells nor the total duration of sperm motility decreased when the osmolality of seminal plasma was increased above 80 mOsm [kg.sup.-1] (Figure 1f).
The osmolality of this medium was fixed at 500 mOsm. Plates were incubated at 25-28 [grados]C under dark conditions.
The ingestion scheme will approximately double carbohydrate delivery compared with even the high-end previous recommendation of 50-60 g per hour, and retain drink osmolality around isotonic levels (280-300 mOsm) avoiding the reduction in gastric emptying, fluid uptake, and risk of GI distress with osmolalities >500 (Brouns and Kovacs, 1997).
The influences of habitat salinity (540 mOsm [18.9 [per thousand]] and 910 mOsm [31.9 [per thousand]] for oysters and 488 mOsm [17.1 [per thousand]] and 810 mOsm [28.4 [per thousand]] for P.
While Brinster found that two-cell mouse embryos could develop to the blastocyst stage in medium with an osmolarity between 200 and 354 mOsm, he observed that the maximum number of two-cell mouse embryos reached the blastocyst stage when the osmolarity of the culture medium was 276 mOsm.
Clinically important symptoms generally do not appear until the serum sodium level exceeds 160 mmol/L and ECF osmolality exceeds 320 to 330 mOsm (Kokko, 2000; McSweeney, 2000).
The osmotic load of gadolinium chelate per exam was approximately half that of low-osmotic iodinated contrast material (54 mOsm vs 104 mOsm), which reduced patient risk.