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MOSPMathematical Olympiad Summer Program
MOSPMail Order Software Plus (Datamann, Inc)
MOSPMulti-mission Optronic Stabilized Payload
MOSPMladi v Odkrivanju Skupnih Poti
MOSPMicrosoft Online Services Partnership
MOSPMission Operations Support Plan (US NASA)
MOSPMalformation of Sound Production
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NGOs and MoSP provided protection and counseling for all identified victims, while the government provided transportation for victims who declined shelter but were willing to attend court proceedings.
In order to obtain an estimation of the MOS (MOSp or [V.sub.q]) for each clip using (1), [I.sub.c] must also be evaluated.
Initial sensor-package plans included an Israel Aircraft Industry (IAI) (Yeduh, Israel) Tamam Division stabilized sensor ball based on the Multi-mission Optronic Stabilized Payload (MOSP), with an EO/IR sensor and laser rangefinder/designator. Core Technologies MailWare Datamann MOSP Dydacomp Mail Order Manager Ecometry Ecometry Eta Designs DM/Edge iCode AccWare Morse Data In Order Natural Solutions Natural Order Rigden Act I Sigma Micro The Controller Tamalpais Technologies OrderMate Pro Terno & Assocs.
Thirty participants selected from the Ministry of Social Protection (MOSP); Ministry of Education MOE); Ministry of the Presidency (MOTP); the Guyana Prison Service (GPS) and the Salvation Army are involved in the training scheme.
It was unveiled at Singapore in early 2014, equipped with the IAI Mosp 3000-HD EO/IR laser turret, IAI/Elta EL/M-2055D Sar/Gmti radar and a Sigint suite.
Ministerio de Obras y Servicios Publicaos (MOSP), Agua y Energia Electrica S.E., Estadistica hidrologica hasta 1990, tomo 11.
Shadow 200 has so far been tested with the Inframetrics MKII EO/IR payload (FUR Systems AB, Danderyd, Sweden), and the Israeli Aerospace Industries' TAMAM Night Targeting System (NTS), Multimisslon Optronic Stabilized Payload (MOSP), and Plug-In Optronic Payload (POP 200).
The maritime model of Heron 1 consist an advanced electro-optical payload - the MOSP, made by the TAMAM division of IAI and the lightweight airborne maritime surveillance radar made by ELTA.
IAI Elta Systems based its EL/I-330 Multi-Payload Aerostat System (MPAS) on a TCOM 32M that carries a GMTI radar capable of detecting vehicles at 20-km and people on foot at 10-km, paired with an IAI Tamam Mosp turret housing television and thermal imaging sensors.
The Shadow 200 has so far been tested with the Inframetrics MKIII EO/IR payload (FLIR Systems AB, Danderyd, Sweden) and the Israeli Aerospace Industries' (Yehud, Israel) TAMAM Night Targeting System (NTS), Multi-mission Optronic Stabilized Payload (MOSP) and Plug-in Optronic Payload (POP 200).