MOSPAMONICA (Monitoring of Trends and Determinants in Cardiovascular Disease) Optional Study of Physical Activity
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The number of roles assigned to each organization (labelled next to its name) reveals that MOTIE (33), KEPCO (19), and MOSPA (19) have far more blackout management roles to fulfil than KPX (6) and NEMA (6).
In contrast, MOTIE and MOSPA are key decision-making organizations, yet they remain periphery to information brokerage.
Massachusetts, the First Circuit held that the district court erred in enjoining the MOSPA provisions based on the pleadings.
(42) MOSPA's language was sufficiently ambiguous to justify further analysis.
United States correctly held that the district court acted too quickly in enjoining key MOSPA provisions.
165) (indicating Buzzards Bay's status as Estuary of National Significance since 1985); infra note 10 and accompanying text (indicating Bouchard grounding impetus for Massachusetts legislature passing MOSPA).
15, 2007) (estimating more than ninety miles of shoreline impacted to some extent); infra note 10 and accompanying text (noting Massachusetts legislature passed MOSPA after Bouchard grounding).
(10.) See 493 F.3d at 3-4 (further detailing MOSPA emergence); United States v.
(14.) See 493 F.3d at 4 (stating appeal challenged injunction of three MOSPA provisions); Press Release, The Coalition for Buzzards Bay, AG Reilly Fights Feds to Protect Buzzards Bay (Sept.
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In 2006, the Coast Guard had announced that Ray and Locke preempted MOSPA. Id.