MOSQMilitary Occupational Specialty Qualification (US DoD)
MOSQMilitary Occupational Skill Qualification
MOSQMilitary Occupational Specialty Qualified (US Army)
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This further confirms that the available MOSQ metric does not measure the capability of a unit to execute its core functions and assigned missions.
Currently RC data is imported into NetUSR and RC units can indicate their MOSQ Soldiers who have not completed the required MOS qualification training.
MOSQ -- Military Operational Specialty Qualification
As a result of a joint decision made by the previous CG, USAIC and FH; CG, INSCOM, and DCS, G2 during the 31 May 2007 General Officer Steering Committee, language will return as a 35M MOSQ requirement at all skill levels in FY 2010 in the Active Component.
TATS-C has added some technical training to phase 1 of MOSQ training, which requires RC TASS battalions to conduct additional IDTs.
We continue to load content on the portal for both MOSQ and sustainment training to make it available to Soldiers and leaders worldwide.
Because of Tobyhanna's COMSEC facility, the installation is qualified to conduct MOSQ training and repair COMSEC equipment for the 35E MOS.