MOSQMilitary Occupational Specialty Qualification (US DoD)
MOSQMilitary Occupational Specialty Qualified (US Army)
MOSQMilitary Occupational Skill Qualification
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MOSQ -- Military Operational Specialty Qualification
By completing the TAITC course, you will be granted an "H" designator authorizing you to teach MOSQ classes.
Tender notice number : 1116/Gen/LP/BTY12V 75AH/Net Mosq
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The 1st BDE (MI), 100th Division (OS), is the TASS training brigade with the mission to conduct professional education and training in the following CMF 35 Series Military Occupational Skill Qualification (MOSQ) reclassification as well as NCOES: 35F Intelligence Analyst, 35G Geospatial Intelligence Imagery Analyst, 35M Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Collector, and 35L Counterintelligence (Cl) Special Agent.
Mosquitoes of Argentina Part I, Keys for identification of adult females and fourth stage larvae in English and Spanish (Diptera, Culicidae), Mosq. Syst.
* Support to the USAR and ARNG providing MOSQ training to their soldiers via their Regional High-Tech centers
As a result of a joint decision made by the previous CG, USAIC and FH; CG, INSCOM, and DCS, G2 during the 31 May 2007 General Officer Steering Committee, language will return as a 35M MOSQ requirement at all skill levels in FY 2010 in the Active Component.
TATS-C will have little impact on how AC TASS battalions operate, but it will significantly impact inactive-duty training (IDT), weekend drill, and phase 1 of military occupational specialty qualification (MOSQ) training for RC TASS battalions.