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To minimize alteration in fGCM concentration post-defecation (Mostl and Palme 2002, Heistermann 2010) , faeces were collected within 20 min post-defecation, placed on ice immediately, and frozen within six h.
"We know that stress on female mammals influences the development of their young, which takes place in the womb, but it was a big surprise that social stress causes such changes in the level of hormones in the yolks of birds' eggs," said Mostl.
Mostl of the affectees did no to receive any relief as yet,while four million afghanis had been provided to the province,she argued.
We were never at the races against Liverpool and that hurts mostl. We were never able to get into a rhythm and, as they have better players, were able to make that tell - the small mercy was Fernando Torres' goal was all they had to show for their efforts.
El beneficio mayor de emplear excretas para hacer seguimientos de perfiles hormonales es que el procedimiento de colecta puede extenderse por periodos largos sin necesidad de manipular --estresar-- a los animales, lo cual es muy conveniente cuando los eventos que desean estudiarse son poco frecuentes, tienen lugar por periodos prolongados, o la disponibilidad de sangre que se puede colectar es limitada (Lasley & Kirkpatrick 1991, Harper & Austad, 2000, Millspaugh et al, 2001, 2002, Mostl & Palme, 2002, Touma et al, 2003, Wasser et al., 2000).
Mostl, Power measurement standards for high-power lasers: comparison between the NIST and the PTB, Metrologia 37, 445-447 (2000).
Although the site is mostl y in French, there is an English description of the project underlying the database.
Therefore, in any instance that the ground forces failed to take advantage of the air strikes, the effort was mostl y wasted.
Just as the School of Paris was, essentially, non-French painters in France, the School of London is essentially a band of outsiders--mostly emigres (from Eastern Europe, Ireland, or the United States), mostl y set apart by religious background (even Andrews, the one non-Jewish Englishman, was brought up as a Dissenter rather than in the Church of England).
Style head broad, often with flat or concave apex (rarely conical to slenderly conical), sessile on top of ovaries to tapering gradually with narrow neck into them, with 5 stigmatic zones located on sides of lower cylindrical part behind guide rails, secreting translator just above each guide rail; translator consisting of hard, cliplike, brown to black corpuscle, mostly with flanks and floor, with two flexible, translucent caudicles (rarely absent in some Marsdenieae), each of which attaches one pollinium to corpuscle; ovary apocarpous, mostl y superior.
Mostl, "Measurement of cortisol metabolites in faeces of sheep as a parameter of cortisol concentration in blood," International Journal of Mammalian Biology, vol.