MOTADMinimization of Total Absolute Deviations (uncertainty planning)
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The group had spent the past three years selling off most of its 14 separate businesses and the refinancing included an investment of pounds 1.75 million in two of the group's three remaining trading companies - motorcycle exhaust supplier Motad and meta l finisher Chalcon.
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Most risk- programming applications in agriculture are based on either mean variance or minimization of total absolute deviation (MOTAD) decision criteria.
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In this study, risk was incorporated using the MOTAD multi-period programming model with the objective function of maximizing expected NPV.
He has also been responsible for operations at metal finisher William Bate and its sister company Motad International, a leading manufacturer of motorcycle exhaust systems.
Au terme de cette sympathique competition accomplie sous un soleil clement et un climat chatoyant, c'est Motad Arbane de la chaine Tama ugh te qui s'est adjuge la palme de l'edition, suivi de Amal Lagaida du site Hesport, alors que le troisieme rang est revenu a Said Anis de la premiere chaine.