MOTBMother of the Bride
MOTBMark of the Beast
MOTBMuseum of the Bible (Washington, DC)
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* Market Outside the Box (MOTB): The popular MOTB pop-up market will return to Burj Park from 24 January to 2 February, offering visitors the chance to shop unique homegrown brands and local designers.
Plus, you should get to choose your outfit and, as MOTB, you can be as extravagant as you want.
In addition, these three coumarins significantly repressed the gene expression of motility genes (flhD and motB).
Macnab, "An extreme clockwise switch bias mutation in fliG of Salmonella typhimurium and its suppression by slow-motile mutations in motA and motB," Journal of Bacteriology, vol.
MOTB (Mother of the Bride), and she was flying up to the City to continue up to Westchester to make arrangements for her daughter's wedding to the tastefully named Marc Mezvinsky this weekend.
MOTB na preverjanju na ISAF," Slovenska vojska (Ljubljana), 7 February 2008.
Waiting in a coffee line recently, I watched another bride and harried MOTB haggle with a consultant over a dress style to flatter seven variously shaped attendants.
This weekend sees the final chance to head to Market Outside the Box (MOTB) and pick upsomething special from one of over 120 unique retail vendors.
Market Outside the Box (MOTB) returns this weekend, giving shoppers the chance to shop some of Dubai's more unique retail concepts.
Summary: The MOTB also features the first-ever truck used by the people of determination to move around and hold sustainability workshops on beautiful indoor plant arrangements.
The third edition of the Market Outside the Box (MOTB) will see a selection of Dubai's unique retail concepts coming together at Burj Park in Downtown Dubai from January 11 to 20.