MOTCOMombasa Old Town Conservation Office (Mombasa, Kenya)
MOTCOMilitary Ocean Terminal, Concord (Concord, CA)
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MOTCO also provides assistance to local communities through their mutual aid agreement.
This will help protect both the community and MOTCO from dangerous people and activities.
SSG Jeter stated that the "Soldiers arrived at MOTCO with limited skills in WPS and ETA," but went on to say that "they were motivated and eager to gain more experience" and that toward the end of the mission he could see a vast improvement in their comprehension and knowledge of the documentation and records keeping process.
The 596th staff has been instrumental in the development of requirements and programs to effectively establish MOTCO as a viable ammunition terminal and Army installation.
Further, the 834th safely provides ammunition terminal services and performs installation management functions at MOTCO.
In December 2008, the battalion used MOTCO to deploy a Light Infantry Brigade Combat Team, proving that the ammunition terminal could serve a dual purpose.
MOTCO was supplemented by Military Police (MP) from the 11th MP Brigade.
Bliss had the opportunity to deploy its general cargo and ABL from MOTCO to its new home in Japan on the same vessel.
Coast Guard to halt commercial cargo ships and pleasure crafts traffic on the shipping channel east and west of MOTCO.
Contact Travis Air Force Base Radar Approach Control and request restricted air space over MOTCO.
According to EPA, the MOTCO Hazardous Waste Disposal site is the top priority for clean up in the state of Texas and is ranked 27th in priority on the National Priority List of about 1,200 U.
IT Corporation was retained by the MOTCO Trust to destroy waste safely on-site using two transportable incinerators designed and operated by IT.