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MOTDMore on the Door (UK)
MOTDMaryland Office of Tourism Development (Baltimore, MD)
MOTDThe Mystery of the Druids (game)
MOTDMatch Of The Day (English soccer)
MOTDMessage of the Day (originally from the UNIX)
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I'm the longest-serving member on the MOTD team," adds John.
Compare any episode of MOTD to one hour of Gary Neville's in-depth analysis for Sky, a forensic appraisal of player positions and movement underpinned by razor-sharp technology, and you can see the BBC is struggling.
Michael Grade described MOTD as a 'tired old show' and it surely is an insomniac's dream, if that's not too much of an oxymoron.
I would, however, be glad to see him ousted from MOTD where he hardly has a good word to say for his former team and hardly a bad one to say about the Mackems.
So to those of you who have reminded me that I said I'd never do MOTD again, that was the reason why I took the opportunity.
Lineker will host MOTD in his pants and at 8-1 yellow has to be a decent bet if mine are anything to go by.
But MOTD, like the game it promotes, is often the subject of controversy: "They don't like Chelsea blue, they love the red," claimed a smiling, and otherwise complimentary, Jose Mourinho, who added: "Gary (Lineker) likes the blue - but the blue of Everton.
MOTD is enjoyed by around six to seven million people each week, which, while impressive, OF means there must be about 56 million others who couldn't give a toss.
Now BBC documentary MOTD at 50 will mark the anniversary and pay homage to the goals, gaffes and gaffers that have graced the show since that iconic theme tune was first heard on August 22, 1964.
There is a MOTD magazine, a MOTD annual and it's only a matter of time before they launch a MOTD fragrance.
Storrie is angry that MOTD host Gary Lineker, together with pundits Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrenson, raised questions at the weekend about the money generated by a club that won the FA Cup two years ago.