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MOTDMore on the Door (UK)
MOTDMaryland Office of Tourism Development (Baltimore, MD)
MOTDThe Mystery of the Druids (game)
MOTDMatch Of The Day (English soccer)
MOTDMessage of the Day (originally from the UNIX)
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A portion of the MOTD audience is footballers watching their own performances and hoping not to get verbally nutmegged by the now retired Alan Hansen.
It details the history of MOTD, looks at how football coverage has evolved and interviews celebrities and football legends about what has made the show so enduringly popular.
If MOTD posed the question when did Alan Shearer turn into Grant Mitchell of EastEnders, Lineker in Brazil: The Beautiful Game (Tuesday, BBC1) asked when did the original Ronaldo's head blow up into an actual football?
MOTD has become an institution on the BBC, having been English football's main highlight show since 1964.
With virtually no marketing, BrainPOP and its MOTD program have generated significant traffic to the site and enthusiastic media recognition.
But MOTD, like the game it promotes, is often the subject of controversy: "They don't like Chelsea blue, they love the red," claimed a smiling, and otherwise complimentary, Jose Mourinho, who added: "Gary (Lineker) likes the blue - but the blue of Everton.
3TO SEE MOTD LIVE: WORLD CUP FINAL BBC1 7pm Whether you love football or not, there's no denying that the World Cup Final is one of the biggest TV events in the world, with an expected global audience of around 700 million
MOTD presenter Gary Lineker paid tribute as he said: "In my opinion, as a television football pundit Alan Hansen has been for two decades consistently the best.
We can only hope the hairy lip doesn't start to resemble MOTD colleague Mark Lawrenson's moustache of yesteryear.
And as for MOTD, are you sad or mad enough to admit that you've watched it recently?
MOTD, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, has defied the critics to remain the nation's TURN TO PAGE 69 FROM BACK PAGE leading Premier League highlights show.
MOTD is enjoyed by around six to seven million people each week, which, while impressive, OF means there must be about 56 million others who couldn't give a toss.