MOTELLMissouri Storytelling
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State skating as well as honest park reviews, an interview with Tallahassee's Plastic Mastery, kids with mullets (read: child abuse); they even second Thrasher's own endorsement of Tampa's brown-watered La Quinta motell Political essays and hand-drawn staff portraits round out a solid effort, Stamps and money to feed the copy machine go to: Alley Oop,-23 Bush Ct.
Motell begins his libretto at this point, with Mattathias's funeral, and immediately departs from his source to emphasize one of his main themes, purification of the faith, by making Judas's appointment as commander the result not of Mattathias's last wish but of divine inspiration vouchsafed to Simon in response to the Jews' resumption of their traditional religious observance.
The first battle gave the Jews access to effective weapons: Judas gained Apollonius's sword and fought with it for the rest of his life, an epic detail to which Motell refers ('thy resistless Power dealt around, / With their own Leader's Sword, the doleful Wound').